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$2 Million Reached for Rear-End Suit Involving Dump Truck

$2 Million Reached for Rear-End Suit Involving Dump Truck

On September 9th, a $2 million settlement was reached in the Middlesex County suit of Teaha Whitaker v. Advanced Site Contractors for a woman hit by a dump truck while stopping her car at a train crossing. 

Teaha Whitaker was driving down Port Street in Newark on June 28, 2018. She was hit by a dump truck owned by Advanced Site Contractors while stopped at a train crossing. According to Whitaker’s lawyer, Nicholas Leonardis, the truck was driven by Advanced employee Anthony Calabro.

Whitaker suffered lower back injuries in the rear-end collision, including a disk herniation. She underwent lumbar discectomy and laminectomy after her lumber discography was positive. According to Whitaker’s lawyer, her recovery was poor and a future lumbar fusion surgery was recommended. 

Whitaker’s personal injury protection benefits were depleted as a result of her procedures. It is estimated that her future surgery costs will be at least $200,000.

According to Leonardis, the case was filed in 2019 and assigned to Middlesex County based on the plaintiff’s residence. 

On September 9, 2022, the $2 million settlement was reached after mediation with Jamie Happas of Lombardi and Lombardi in Edison, a retired Superior Court judge. Leonardis stated that his client’s recovery will assist her in moving forward.

“Judge Happas did a really nice job,” said Leonardis. “The parties were at different ends of the spectrum and trying to come up with a number that represented a fair and reasonable result for what the plaintiff had gone through.

“I think the recovery is very good for my client,” added Leonardis. “She tried conservative treatment but it didn’t really help. She is a nice woman and a very hard worker.”

Jennifer Suh of Clyde & Co. in Morristown, the defense’s council, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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