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$3 Million Settlement for Man Injured in Rear-End Car Accident

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A $3 million settlement was reached following a car accident that was aggravated by medical complications from subsequent treatment, leaving a man with chronic spinal problems.

“If you cause someone to have surgery, you are on the hook for all foreseeable complications from that surgery,” said John M. Simon.

The incident happened in January 2021, when a tractor-trailer rear-ended Simon’s client, Jeff Missey, on Interstate 70 in St. Louis. Before the implantation of a cervical spine stimulator, the plaintiff underwent chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other treatments.

Bleeding problems arose during the treatment, and the stimulator, which was ineffective, was eventually removed. The patient’s spine had fused, leaving him with chronic pain and limits.

According to Simon, no medical malpractice action was ever filed, and the defendant, Bob Cope Farms, LLC, was responsible for the man’s problems under Missouri law due to automotive negligence.

He stated that the defendants denied liability, arguing that traffic came to a halt unexpectedly, that the impact was minor, and that the treatment provider was to blame for any subsequent problems. 

Simon stated that the matter was settled immediately after experts were deposed. He stated that the plaintiff’s best option for recovery was to file a lawsuit in connection with the motor accident.

“A med/mal case is way harder to prove than a rearend case,” he said.

Ann Marie Piana of American Family Insurance, representing the defendant, did not respond to a request for comment.

The case has settled for $3 million.


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